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Tribute to Lady Major Ozell Dean

Tribute to Lady Ozell Dean

Who We Are

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. (TLOD), is a 501(c)3 organization, under the leadership of the National President and CEO, Lady Eddie Lee Marsh. TLOD declares that the purpose of this organization shall be to advance the standards, ideals, and general welfare of the community through service by encouraging, promoting, and extending activities that will be conducive to the betterment and ultimate welfare of people.

Top Ladies of Distinction have over 125 Chapters across the United States and currently with a membership of over 7,500 and approximately 3,500 Teens. The Mission of TLOD is to enhance and enrich the lives of youth and adults through national programs, projects, and partners. 

What We Do

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. sponsors Top Teens of America to provide opportunities for their potential and to promote their educational, social, spiritual, moral, cultural, and economic
development; to assist in the promotion of wholesome and meaningful living of Senior Citizens; to improve the Status of Women, and develop, promote, and support activities that are
designed to preserve the physical beauty in our communities through Community Beautification. To fulfill this vision is to bring together , through partnerships, mutually collaborative existing community, educational, and business-based interests that are conscientiously attempting to assist us in developing a better citizenry for the globalized technical world. Our projects include NCNW, NAACP, UNCF, Sickle Cell Awareness and Literacy. 

Why We Do IT

Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. identifies current trends that are impacting our communities negatively and implements strategies, through our programs, projects, activities, and events to shed light and educate communities on these issues. We unite as an organization to take a stance on mental and physical health  disparities, economic imbalances, environmental concerns, human trafficking, gun violence, voting rights and opportunities for youth to succeed in this ever-changing world. We can be effective. 

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