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Welcome to Area V
Area V represents chapters within the states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania (West), Kentucky and West Virginia. 
The Area V theme is: “Area V Is All The Way  L.I.V.E. Leading ~ Impacting ~ Volunteering ~ Empowering.’’ 
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National Area V Director Lady Marsha Wells   
Top Teens of America Advisor Lady Kemberley Jones  

Senior Citizens Lady Vickie Peterson  
Status of Women Lady Cheryl Williams  
Community Beautification Lady Lula Patton  
Community Partnerships Lady Loretta Gray 
 Lady Sandra Parker  

UNCF Lady Tierra Jones   
NCNW Lady Vivian Jackson-Anderson  
Sickle Cell Lady Fran Jackson  
TLOD Literacy Lady Marlo Thigpen  
March of Dimes Lady Phyllis Hogue Thompson  
St. Jude Lady Michelle Thomas 
Area Website: 

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events